Radip Uprety, DDS

DDS: University of Minnesota 2013
MBA: Bellevue University, NE 2009

Service: Captain in the US Army (Reserves)

Dr. Uprety (U-pretty) has been practicing dentistry since 2013. He practiced in Maine and Texas before moving to beautiful Colorado, which he considers home. His family is originally from Nepal, and they immigrated to Minnesota. He lives in Broomfield with his wife, Rebecca, and his dog, a Husky named Winter.
He loves the outdoors, paddle boarding, hiking and biking (which he recently got into). He loves reading books, and you will find him with a book constantly. He loves classic rock music. He enjoys learning, and do not be surprised if he asks you questions about your field of expertise.

Philosophy of Care
Dr. Uprety practices ethical dentistry, building trust and relationships with his staff and patients. The foundation of all healthcare is building trust between the provider (doctor and staff) and the patient. He believes in listening to patients, treating them with respect and dignity, having honest communications about their needs and delivering excellence in care. He takes regular education courses to help build his skills in dentistry, business and communication.
Oral health is an important part of total body health. Total wellness is having a healthy body and mind, built around a beautiful confident smile. He will work with you to design and maintain a healthy and beautiful smile, supported by good oral health and overall wellness.
He believes that everyone plays a role in making a meaningful impact in the world. Being responsible and accountable to the community is his core belief. That is one of the reasons he joined the Army. He is also working with the Partners for a Clean Environment (PACE) program of Boulder County to promote our office as environmentally sustainable.
When we treat you at our office, Dr. Uprety and the staff here will make you our top priority and contribute to your health and overall well-being, with a polished smile!


Raymond C. Roper, DDS

From his early teens, dentistry was Dr. Roper’s first choice of careers. Dr. Roper graduated from Baylor College of Dentistry (now called Texas A&M College of Dentistry) in 1985. Escaping Texas in 1984 for a summer vacation during dental school, Dr. Roper found Boulder and fell in love with it. Unfortunately, upon graduation, opportunities for a new dentist in Boulder were very slim. Dr. Roper worked four years in Denver as an associate in two different practices. This was a blessing in disguise, being able to work with and learn from excellent experienced dentists. In 1989, Dr. Roper opened his office in Boulder from scratch and has enjoyed living and working there ever since.

Dr. Roper married his wife, Barb, in 1978. She is now happily retired after 27 years of nursing, with 20 of them at University of Colorado Hospital. Much of their free time is spent together outdoors. They stay busy skiing, hiking, biking, traveling, reading, gardening and dabbling in photography.

Dentistry continues to interest and excite Dr. Roper. Dr. Roper spends significant time learning and staying current with advancements. The dentist and our team always take the time to answer questions, suggest treatments and offer specialized referrals when necessary. Dr. Roper enjoys the technical aspects of dentistry, but it is the close connection to people that makes this a satisfying and fulfilling career.

Meet Our Team

Our friendly and welcoming team is committed to helping you have an enjoyable experience at Raymond C. Roper, DDS. With years of experience, our dentist and team can help you improve the health and beauty of your smile. You are sure to leave our office feeling confident and happy about your appearance. We are also a bilingual dental office in Boulder, Colorado, offering dental services in French and English. Call our office at 303-447-2281 if you have any questions for our team.